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In our case the Object_Id 74916 (Table Name – T2) is locked in SX(Row- Exclusive) mode i.,e “Rows are locked in the table in exclusive mode”, Now lets see the types of locks the transaction is holding,

Transaction recovery in a RAC env | Helmut's RAC / JEE Blog Cleaning up. Error stack returned to user: ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 1 ORA-06550: line 1, column 7: PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'Syncrn' ORA-06550: line 1, column 7: PL/SQL: Statement … DAGR Pocket Guide | Battery (Electricity) | Global Positioning DAGR Pocket Guide - Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online.

Here’s an oddity that I ran into a little while ago while trying to prepare a sample trace file showing a particular locking pattern; it was something that I’d done before, but trace files can change with different versions of Oracle so I decided to use a copy of that happened to be handy at the time to check if anything had changed since the previous (11gR1) release.

id flag state*10+mode. driver-id blocks block# block# block# blocks block# block# block#.Wrap or sequence number of the slot. For each new transaction increase this number. count.This points to the name of the rollback segment within the v$rollstat view: select * from v$rollstat where usn = undo... Статья: "MySQL. Генерация числовых последовательностей."

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14 Troubleshooting Oracle Streams Replication 14 Troubleshooting Oracle Streams Replication. This chapter contains information about identifying and resolving common problems in an Oracle Streams replication environment. This chapter contains these topics: Responding to Steams Alerts. Recovering from Configuration Errors. Using the Streams Configuration Report and Health Check Script Troubleshooting Apply - AS01: warning -- apply server 1, sid 10 waiting on user sid 36 for event: AS01: [enq: TM - contention] name|mode=544d0003, object #=a078, table/partition=0 Oracle Database writes this output to the alert log at intervals until the problem is rectified. USN & Active Directory Replication – Ace Fekay - MSMVPs The USN, or Update Sequence Number, is the basis of how Active Directory Replication works. The USN is a value stored with each attribute that changes by either a local change, or a replicated change from a partner domain controller. How to detect and recover from a USN rollback in a Windows ...

Decoding P1/P2/P3 in for event 'enq: TX - row lock... How many different type of wait event parameters i... Using DBCA to create CDB/PDB database in scripting...

oracle10g enq:TX - contention等待事件 - 一江水 - 博客园 enq: TX - contention name|mode usn<<16 | slot sequence. 从上述结果中可以看到: parameter1表示enqueue的name和mode。parameter2的高16位表示事务的xidusn,低16位表示事务的xidslot,parameter3表示事务的xidsqn,即p2,p3表示一个特定的事务。 Fsutil usn | Microsoft Docs

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